Friday, April 4, 2008

Revamping the "Our Hike" website

Left: old version -- Right: new version

This is a first post to test this new blog site. I'm working on revamping the "Our Hike" website, so watch for that. For now, link to the current one at

You will be able to link to this blog site from the new "Our Hike" website once it's done and live. I will be posting all kinds of stuff here. What I'm up to, what my mom's up to (if she's up for sharing -- ask her about Sasquatch!), and other stuff. It's going to be my main blog, so you might catch a rant here or there, or maybe a quick story about my latest hiking adventure. I figure it will be a nice way to keep on what's up with me -- if you're interested, anyway. :)

For now, keep checking back, because I will certainly be posting when the new site is ready to roll!

Thanks for visiting, and please come back!


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