Friday, September 2, 2011

Beartooth Mountains Backpacking Trip

The group with the Bear's Tooth in the background that gives the wilderness area its name (yep, the Bear's Tooth is that little sharp one right in the middle).
From left to right: Margie, Rachel, Gary, Patty, Keith, Leo, Robin, Randall

This is the intro entry for my journal from my 2011 Backpacking Trip to the Beartooth Wilderness in Montana. Seven others joined me, and it was a freakin' blast!

We titled it: The Best Backpacking Trip EVER!
The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness
August 19 – August 28, 2011

The crew:
Robin Grapa (me)
Rachel Seppi (friend from local meetup group and running pal)
Patty Laatsch (my mom)
Keith Laatsch (my dad)
Gary Nickel (friend from local meetup group)
Margie Brandenburg (my aunt)
Leo Cepoi (friend from local meetup group)
Randall Schultz (friend from local meetup group)

You will see a series of posts by day, and I will post them starting with day #1, so you may have to scroll down and start at the bottom... or read backwards. Whatever floats yer' boat. I'd be excited to hear it's been read!

Actually, the major reason I journal my trips is because I forgot so much... I have a pretty awful memory, and when I come back to read these entries, it all comes flooding back to me and I can almost place myself back there for a few moments... and I love doing that every once in a while. But if someone else gets in here and reads and enjoys it, then it just makes it that much better. I hope you enjoy following our trip... in my words... ;)

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