Thursday, November 1, 2012

Missing Nevada.

Walking into the sunset along Hwy. 50 in Nevada. (2006)


Endless road, clumps of sage.
Mountains, sunsets and lonely rage.

Glaring sun, lack of shade.
All by ourselves, but got it made.

Big culverts and a tree full of shoes.
Counting steps by ones, then by twos.

Far off ranch, deserted and still.
Would like to live there, maybe one day I will.

Gallon jugs of water, stashed along the way.
Just keep walking, day after day.

Dig up some sage, set up the tent.
Sleeping bag, hard ground, no rent.

Echoing coyote yelps, no breeze.
Crisp, cold night, sleep with ease.

Wide open sky, desolate land.
Beautiful and perfect, every grain of sand.

To walk every day... is true, pure bliss.
I think it’s mostly the freedom I miss.

There's always somewhere to go.