Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's been up - part 1 of 2

Most of my excitement happens on weekends. During the past couple of weeks I've been very busy at work, and this makes me happy. I'd always rather be busy than looking for something to do. So in between being busy at work, I've been trying to squeeze in workouts and runs as much as I can. I try to do something every day -- either a cardio class at the YMCA, a 30-minute run... whatever I can to keep my endurance up. This doesn't always work, though. Some days just get away from me and before I know it, it's dark and time for bed. But I always try to plan so I can get something in. Even if it's only walking to work in the morning.

On Thursdays I play on a co-ed softball team, and I'm terrible at the game. I'd like to be better, but as the season goes on, I seem to get worse and worse. I always start out good, then over think it, and end up sucking at it! But I still have fun... I hope to get at least a little better each year. This Thursday is our last game of the season, so it'll actually be nice to have Thursday evenings open again for a while. I have a couple weeks off of school (I've been taking one class a semester towards my Web Design & Development degree), but normally I'd have one night of class and some homework worked into my week, too. So there's the boring, but busy recap on my last few work-weeks. I pretty much fill up almost every minute. When I have spare time in the evenings, Adam and I usually sit on the couch and watch Robot Chicken, or this week -- the Olympics, of course! We've spent too many nights watching until midnight... and I wonder why I'm up to 2 full cups of coffee in the morning! :)

Since my last blog about my 45-mile hike on the IAT, I've had some full weekends of fun stuff. On August 3rd, Adam and I were confirmed at the Trinity Lutheran church here in Oshkosh. It's nice that we found a church that we both like with a very friendly pastor. We're both looking forward to going to church together on a regular basis. I always feel so good after mass, and being reminded of what I need to do to work on being a good Christian and an overall good person. It's really a great way to start each week. I've had a lot on my calendar lately, so I've had to miss a couple of weeks, but we're now working hard to make church a top priority. We plan to join the choir, too, and that's going to start up soon. I'm looking forward to getting singing lessons from Adam! It feels so good to have this back in our lives together. :)

The weekend of August 9th was Adam's mom's 2nd Annual "Festibelle," which is a get-together of the family for a full weekend of relaxing, eating and fun back in Phillips. Adam's mom gets us all together at her house -- G'ma (her mom), me and Adam, Melissa and Autumn (Adam's sister and daughter), and Jessica, Jake and Dean (Adam's youngest sister, husband, and son). Saturday we went to the Marquip picnic after a breakfast of donuts and coffee. While there we ate some yummy food, watched Autumn and Dean on the pony rides, visited with Adam's dad and Dorrie, and then Melissa and I rode on the Mechanical Bull. I stayed on for over 8 seconds, but I really think that they start it out pretty slow... so I'll have to try a real bull someday to see if I can really hold on!

Saturday we mostly hung out in the back yard while the kids played in the pool, we ate more delicious food, watched some Olympics and played some cards in the evening. We got pizza from the neighboring bar/bowling lanes and pretty much went to bed. Sunday we woke up and had breakfast, and Adam and I got packed up and head out of town. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend!

Adam and I spent last weekend in the Milwaukee area. My parents came and stayed with us in Oshkosh Friday night. Adam was at class in Green Bay, so I took my parents to the Outlet Mall and then we saw the new Batman movie, which was really fun.

Saturday morning we met my brother Scott, sister-in-law Erica and Gracie (their daughter) near the highway and headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo where we spent most of the day. It was a beautiful sunny day out, too. Adam had never been there, so it was cool to be there to share in his first Zoo experience. I think my favorite part was watching him cautiously walk through the bird house, although he didn't make his general fear of birds very obvious. He held up surprisingly well... I don't think he saw the one big bird that swooped down just over our heads, though... had he seen that guy, my story may have been a little different. ;)

After the Zoo, we all head out to the hotel we were staying at that night, took a nap and head to my cousin Eddie and Stacy's wedding. It was great to see all the family, and it was really nice to have all 7 of us together in the same place (mom, dad, me, Adam, brother, sis-in-law and niece), which hasn't happened in quite a while... everybody seemed to get along so well, and it just felt nice to have everyone together. I've especially missed my brother, so I was really enjoying his goofiness throughout the weekend. I mostly enjoyed him giving me dancing lessons on how to do the "Ice Auger," the "Lawnmower," and the "Weed Wacker" dances. He's a pro! I should video him sometime and post it... It's really funny!

Then on Sunday, Adam and I met friends Jamie and Eric for the Renaissance Fair in Bristol, WI. They've been there before, but it was my and Adam's first time. It was a blast! What a cool place. If you like to people watch, which I certainly do... that's a great place to go. We ate some really good food, checked out the unique shops and watched a couple of good shows -- I enjoyed the jousting show the most!!

It's amazing how tiring walking around a Zoo and the Renaissance Fair can be. Two days in a row! By Sunday evening I was beat. I went to bed early, and now it's onto the next week, and the next weekends plans... which brings me to Part 2 of 2 -- "What's comin' up"

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