Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's comin' up - part 2 of 2

A visit from Hickory!
Dragon Boat Races!
1/2 Marathon!

This weekend I'm going skydiving for the 2nd time! My mom is going, too! I can't wait - I'm really starting to get pumped up about it again. It's such an amazing rush free falling so fast and then being jolted by a parachute and floating peacefully over the landscape below... then turning the chute so you whip around quickly one way, then the next... I really can't wait until Saturday! We're praying that the weather holds out for us. To see my last skydiving trip, check out my blog entry for that day -- there's a video up you can watch, too -- I had them record it! I'll certainly be writing about my 2nd go around with jumping out of an airplane!

Our Annual "Our Hike for Bone Marrow Disease" is being held on September 6th. 4imprint donated some sweet sport packs that we'll be giving away (thanks 4imprint for your amazing support, once again!!).
Click this link for all the info. Registration is at the Corner Connection, then we'll be taking a 7-mile hike through the woods on a new section of ATV trail, then ending with a hay wagon-ride to Lost Vega's where we'll enjoy dinner, music, raffles, drinks and fun! It's all a continuation from the hike across America my mom and I took in 2006 to raise funds and awareness for Aplastic Anemia. We work with the wonderful folks at the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation (AA&MDSIF), so all profits from the fundraiser go there to help support patients, their families and researchers directly. It's a great cause, so if you get the chance, stop out for the event. If you can't make it, go to and consider making a donation towards the "Our Hike" efforts! We never stop accepting donations, of course! And thank you in advance for your support... :)

A Visit from Hickory!
Hickory is a friend mom and I met on the ADT. He hiked with us through a large portion of the Rockies in Colorado. We met him in Indiana when we hiked through there, and he said as we parted ways that day, "I'll be seeing you ladies again..." We thought, "Sure... that would be nice... but we'll see..." Sure enough! Hickory called and said he was flying out and hitching to meet up with us. And he did! It was a fun-filled couple of weeks cussing as many cuss words we could think of up steep mountain sides, laughing at silly toots and poots, crossing storm-ridden mountain ridges, and just having a good 'ol time! So he'll be with us the weekend of September 13, and I'm working on some plans that will involve backpacking, hopefully. If not backpacking, at least a little camping, kayaking or chilling around a campfire with beer and steaks. I can't wait to see him. He's a really cool guy, and lots of fun! He's got a very easy, contagious laugh, too, so I might be peeing my pants a few times if we have too much fun!
...we'll have to get some pickled eggs and cowboy coffee...

Dragon Boat Races
On September 20th I'm rowing in the Dragon Boat Festival with the 4imprint team again. This event was such a blast last year that I looked forward to it all year. And it's coming up again! I can't wait. Last year our steersman fell over on our first run and we still came back to win 1st in our division, so we hope to do even better this year. We almost t-boned the boat next to us when he fell last year!! Here's a picture of us coming in 1st on our 2nd race last year... notice the other 3 boats are so far behind they're not even in the picture!! Yeah... I'm bragging like a big-shot because our 4imprint team ROCKS!! I sure hope we do as well or better
this year... especially after talking so tough! :)

1/2 Marathon!
I ran the Oshkosh Half Marathon (blog entry) in April, and with a goal of just wanting to finish, I pulled numbers that were way more than what I expected. I ran the entire 13 miles, which was a first, and I did in 2 hours and 2 minutes. I was thrilled! But those 2 minutes over two hours inspired me to try again -- and try to do it in under 2 hours. So I'm thinking about trying to accomplish that new goal in the Fox Cities Half Marathon! I honestly don't feel any more prepared for this one yet, so I really don't know if I can do it. But I'm thinking about trying for it!!

So this is what's comping up for the rest of August and September. I'll be posting about these later, so keep an eye out! Should be some good stories... :)

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