Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A dream

A gleam of light would sink into his soul and a shell around him would crack and begin to fall away. Happiness would shine out through his skin and his natural, beautiful smile I hardly ever see would appear without a thought in his mind. His spirit would show – it would arise and surround him like an aura of golden sunshine. The feeling of vibrating excitement would encompass both of us at one time, joining us with a comfort that can’t be described in the most lyrical analogies. To avoid looking silly, we’d hold it all in, but we’d both want to look to the sky, reach our arms out and spin around in circles until we fall, laughing upon the dewy grass -- which he now feels between his bare toes for the first time. He would hear the leaves tickle each other in the trees, and unhurried, he would understand the calmness it creates inside of him, as you and I know so well. He would relax at the sound and sigh silently in awe of everything around him. He would hear his thoughts as soft music in his ears, playing with the moment like a soundtrack to his existence. When he lies in the creek for the first time, he would feel the water the same way you and I feel a breeze brush up against our naked skin. He would absorb the water and sense it moistening his soul, filling his veins with so much joy he would feel as though he might explode at any moment. Health would fill and complete his transformation. He would feel powerful and in control of himself and his thoughts. When he climbs his first mountain, he would reach the top, take one look on the other side and cry. His tears would fall down his cheeks and collect at the corners of his tense smile. He would wish, as we do, that he could take one deep breath and inhale it in whole. He would understand the way we do, he would love it, ask for it, and crave it the way we do. Then together we would run off with our new likeness. We would roll in the grass, swim in the streams, and cuddle in the dark before the sun warms the earth each new day. We would live as one in the earth around us. With every exhale, we would softly whisper our souls into the earth; with every inhale, we would breathe the earth into our souls. We’d become complete, together. We’d lie together at night on the ground and our heartbeats and breathing would fall into synch as we fall into a deep sleep. We would be together in each others’ arms, and we’d be happy in a way neither of us has ever experienced. A new, simple happiness.

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