Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adam crowned King of Hair!

I got a little behind on my blog, so I'm going to enter a few things that have happened in separate entries...

Hairy Man Contest!

This is a good story! Adam and I were invited to join friends Anne & Craig at their campsite for Country USA this year. My sister-in-law called to tell us there was a contest for the Hairiest Man going on for Reserve-seat tickets. Since Adam's so hairy, Erica thought of him, and called. So Adam braved up and decided he'd try it. We took a picture of his chest and back and emailed it to Bear and Charli of Y100 for submission into the contest. Well, Adam was chosen as a finalist!

So we headed to Neenah -- the contest was being held at the ReUnion Station there. Adam was up against about 7 or 8 other guys... a couple of them were painted up and a couple had Y100 shaved into their stomachs or backs... Adam had something super-special in mind... he was wearing black pants, a blue shirt, and a bowtie!! He got up there, got the crowd clapping, slowly shook off his shirt, then broke into his famous "Grr Dance," from college days! It was AWESOME! Adam rocked the house, and WON!!!! So we left that with 2 Reserve tickets for Country USA!

Here's a picture -- Adam's the one in the middle with the blue shirt. Way to go Adam! :)

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