Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Country USA

I got a little behind on my blog, so I'm going to enter a few things that have happened in separate entries...

Our first Country USA experience
As I mentioned in one of my other entries, Adam won a Hairy Man contest, getting us 2 Reserve seat tickets for Country USA. Our friends, Anne & Craig, invited us to join them at their campsite there, so Adam and I took Friday off work and camped. It was a great experience! That place is just crazy with all kinds of different people!

Adam and I really enjoyed seeing Dierks Bentley. He's Adam's favorite artist, and his music helped him through a lot while I was away on the hike. I started listening to his stuff a lot more just recently, and I haven't found a song of his I don't like yet. There are a lot I can relate to, and a lot that hit home for me and Adam together from the hike. It was amazing to see him in concert -- really good! As for concerts, we also saw Brooks & Dunn and that was a good one, too. "Only in America" being my favorite! They had Marines come out on stage and everything - it was really cool.

The rest of the weekend involved visiting with friends, laughing at a LOT of things going on around the campsites, and yes, a lot of alcohol consumption. I guess that's what you get when no one has to drive anywhere! Adam and I were able to have a good time without overdoing it... neither of us got sick or too crazy. We just simply had a really fun time. I really hope we go next year!

We have so much going on this summer, and Adam and I are really trying to do as much together as we can -- and are we having a good time doing it! At Country USA, we also met Kevin and Shannon -- friends of Anne & Craig's... they're really fun, too. Kevin is in a metal band, and we're going to go see him perform at the Rave in Milwaukee this Saturday -- he's competing in a Battle of the Bands. I've never been to one, so I think that's going to be a really fun experience! You'll have to check back -- I'll be sure to blog about that a little bit. :)

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