Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Mighty Canoe Trip

I got a little behind on my blog, so I'm going to enter a few things that have happened in separate entries...

Our Kayaks get their first trip!
The Canoe trip was a blast!! I had quite a few friends from the area join us, so that was awesome. Everybody was really fun, and we all seemed to have a good time. Saturday we all got up and took off with the shuttle, our canoes, kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and food & drink for the day. We were dropped off, and we put our boats in the river. Adam and I tried out our new kayaks -- they're AWESOME! We both had a lot of fun paddling them down the river -- especially through the rapids! Nobody tipped on Saturday, either, which might be a first for the annual canoe trip! It was a little chilly the first day, but we all survived. The sun poked out every now and then and warmed things up.

Saturday night we enjoyed a bonfire in my parent's backyard. We all had plenty to drink and eat, and ended up staying up for Rachel's birthday, which was midnight. It turned out to be a fun party. Some of us weren't feeling 100% the next day... but it was still lots of fun!

Sunday a few of us hit the river again for the 2nd half -- others had to head out early, mostly because we were all a little slow-moving after a late night around the fire. But it was a fun section. The water was high this year, making the rapids loads of fun. It was a warmer day Sunday, too, so that made the 2nd half of the trip really enjoyable. Pam tipped in Little Bull Rapids. I warned everyone that every single time we do that section, someone tips in that rapids! I didn't recognize it when we came to it because the water was so high, but after Pam tipped, we knew! I saw her come down, her boat gracefully tip over, and her head bob up above it with a huge smile on her face. We were all happy to see she was okay. Shortly after that I tipped trying to get into my kayak! The water was very pleasant, so it was a good day to tip. :)

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